Pre-Purchase Exam

Equine Pre-purchase Evaluation

The pre-purchase exam is a vital part of buying a horse as it can identify existing health or soundness issues which may prevent a horse from fulfilling its intended use. These exams consist of a through physical exam, extensive lameness exam, and also often include blood screening (Complete blood count & blood chemistry), drug testing, and radiographs (X-rays). Additional diagnostics such as Upper Airway Endoscopy and Ultrasonography are available as needed. If your potential new hose is located outside of New England, we are happy to travel to the horse’s location to perform the pre-purchase exam. We are available to discuss your needs as you consider the purchase of your next equine partner. Please see the Pre-Purchase Buyer form for more information.

North Bridge Equine offers numerous other services in Equine Sports Medicine and wellness. We do not provide equine reproductive services OR care to non-equids. We are happy to assist our clients in identifying other capable professionals who can provide services in these areas.


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