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Lameness Evaluation:

Lameness or decreased performance is a common problem facing the equine athlete. Diagnosing lameness and subtle performance issues requires extensive experience and knowledge of current therapies and treatments. A thorough physical exam, a lameness exam, and a combination of diagnostic nerve blocks are often used to diagnose lameness or decreased performance. Other diagnostic modalities used in lameness evaluations are radiography (X-rays) and ultrasonography. Treatments can include therapeutic joint treatments, acupuncture, and many other options.


Radiographs use x-rays to visualize bone for abnormalities such as fractures, bone spurs, and joint arthritis. North Bridge Equine has the latest in portable digital radiograph technology, the Sound TruDr LX, that allows for instant high quality images right at the farm. These images can then emailed for easy access to you and your farrier. North Bridge Equine also consults with several renowned equine surgeons and radiologists on complex cases for the most accurate diagnosis.


Ultrasound technology uses sound waves to image soft tissues such tendons, ligaments, and internal organs. It is an essential tool for the assessment of tendon or ligament injuries. Ultrasound can also be used to ensure correct placement of certain joints injections, such as the sacroiliac (SI) joint, cervical facet joints (neck) and lumbar (back) facet joints. North Bridge Equine uses the GE Logic e ultrasound, one of the most advanced portable ultrasound machines available. Dr. Nostrant and our doctors continue to expand and hone their already considerable skills in ultrasonography through advanced ultrasonography courses offered through the International Society of Equine Locomotor Pathology (ISELP).

Lameness Treatment

North Bridge Equine offers a wide range of traditional and advanced treatments in order to keep your horse sound and working at peak performance. In addition to the services that we provide, our doctors have excellent relationships with other equine professionals including farriers and dentists and encourage a team approach to management.


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Katie R.and Vincent B.

"Vincent and I have been working with North Bridge Equine Associates since 2013. Dr. Fred Nostrant and his team have always been extremely professional, understanding, and compassionate to the individual needs of our horses and clients. Fred invests in making the client feel comfortable and always takes the time to explain his methodology and approach.

We have a rigorous schedule at LAEM and Fred makes the time for us either in his routine weekly visits or on call when we need him. When we travel for our business, although Fred cannot travel with us to perform a vetting, he will review X-rays and vet reports from the attending veterinarian and give us his honest opinion.

When our new prospects arrive at our stable we have Fred look at them first so we can make a plan for their continued soundness and improvement in the sport. Fred’s holistic approach takes into consideration all aspects of feeding, fitness, training regimens, articulation, as well as personalities of the horses. He is dedicated first and foremost to the long-term health and happiness of the horses in his care.

This long term, full range planning is one of the many things we appreciate about NBEA’s care; their system has afforded us continued success and longevity in the careers of our horses.

We truly enjoy the working relationship we have with Fred and the team at NBEA!"

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