Pro-Stride™ Regenerative Joint Treatment

The latest in regenerative medicine!

treatment option for horse arthritis and joint inflammation

North Bridge Equine is excited to introduce the latest in regenerative medicine that can be done right at the farm as a safe, drug-free treatment option for arthritis and joint inflammation.  The product is called Pro-Stride™ and is one of the most advanced regenerative medicine options available to the ambulatory equine vet. Pro-Stride (Autologous conditioned plasma) is made from your horse’s own blood that is processed in a 2 step system that produces a super concentrated solution of anti-inflammatory and healing factors. This super charged solution is then injected directly into the affected joint. This can all be done in one visit, at the farm, and in less than 30 minutes. Studies of Pro-Stride done at The Ohio State University have shown pain relief for up to one year with only one treatment.  

Pro-Stride is a great option for:

  • Young performance horses with inflamed or sore joints. Pro-Stride will help protect the joints from future arthritis without the use of steroids
  • Older horses that may be high risk due to metabolic diseases (such as Cushing’s or Equine Metabolic Syndrome). Pro-stride is made from the horse’s own blood so there are no systemic effects as can be seen with steroids. 
  • Actively competing horses as there is no withdrawal time for USEF and FEI competition.

Pro-Stride offers a safe, convenient, drug-free alternative to traditional steroid joint injections to treat arthritis and joint pain in the equine Athlete. Ask us if Pro-Stride would be a good option for your horse.

Here is an article about how Pro-Stride helped a World Champion Show Horse.


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"So happy to have Drs. Nostrant and Shen and super practice manager Kari Ameer as part of Larana's team. She's never looked better, felt better or gone better."

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