Vaccination/Coggins Test

All horses require annual vaccination for Rabies, Eastern & Western Encephalitis, Tetanus and West Nile virus (mosquito borne neurologic diseases). North Bridge Equine additionally suggests vaccination for Influenza and Rhinopneumonitis (Flu/Rhino) every 6 months, in the Spring and Fall, and Potomac Horse Fever once annually. Strangles vaccination is also available and is suggested for larger farms or horses that travel frequently. Horses that travel south for the winter may require additional vaccinations in the fall. Please contact us to discuss your horses’ particular vaccination needs.

The Coggins Test is a blood test that screens for Equine Infectious Anemia, a very contagious chronic wasting disease of horses. Annual Coggins testing is required for interstate movement of horses and documentation of a current negative Coggins test is required by most horse shows and boarding stables. North Bridge Equine offers digital Coggins with photographs of your horse and in PDF format to allow us to easily email your Coggins.

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