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Squinting, tearing, and photophobia (reluctance to go from darker to brighter areas) and spookiness are all potentially signs of eye disease in the horse. Eye disease in the horse can be quite serious if not treated promptly. Dr. Nostrant and Dr. Shen can provide complete eye exams at the farm in order to guide management of many ocular conditions.

North Bridge Equine Associates is one of the few ambulatory equine practices to have a TonoVet instrument to measure the intraocular pressure (pressure within the eye). This testing is very important to properly diagnose and manage chronic disease of the eye such as uveitis and glaucoma. When a specialist’s expertise is needed, we can arrange for a farm visit by a boarded veterinary ophthalmologist or referral to an ophthalmologic surgical center as indicated by our initial findings.

Priscilla C.

"Excellent Practice! Fred is smart, sensible and offers superior equine care. His bright and relaxed demeanor makes him appreciated by horses and owners alike. We are so grateful that he is in our area and I recommend him to everyone."Concord, MA

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